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About Us

'Szach' is a trading company established in 1991. In the initial period, it dealt only with commercial activities. With its development, the company expanded its operations by offering installation services and production. The 'Szach' specializes in the sales of glassworks, accessories for glass and of aluminum profiles (including ones for LED lighting), pocket door system as well as aluminum systems for high and low arrangement of recesses. The sock levels allow to fulfill orders for glass doors, both swinging and wall-mounted sliding system (using a tube or not).

Extensive experience allows us to realize challenging and unusual projects. We also offer our knowledge to design companies and contractors. We gained experience in installation of doors and floors, on such investments as:

- Vistula River Museum in Tczew,
- OSSA Hotel,
- Gdańsk Hotel,
- Baltic Philharmonic,
- Gdansk Foil School,
- Riga Hotel in Wejherowo,
- Ikar Plaza in Kolobrzeg,
- Nord Capital Sp. z o.o. in Rekowo Górne.

Since founding, we continue our development. We are a company which specializes in the sales of glass, accessories for glass and of aluminum profiles in the international distribution, as well as of pocket door system , wall-mounted systems, wooden engineered floorings, furniture systems and built-in recess wardrobes.

Operating since 1991, along with the growing market we increase our stock levels of finished products in the form of glass opening and sliding leaves as well as of aluminum profiles; we have gained immense technological expertise in the field of glassmaking and glass processing. We have much experience in product installation.

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